Star Wars Hailfire Droid R/C Vehicle

Star Wars Hailfire Droid RC Vehicle

For kids, R/C fans and Star Wars Clone Wars fans, the Star Wars Hailfire Droid R/C Vehicle makes a great collectible toy.  The Hailfire R/C Driod Vehicle has pivoting missile pods, a positionable dual-blaster cannon, rapid-fire missiles and over-sized rolling wheels to add hours of fun to your Star Wars battles.  Crush the rebellion and increase the strength of your Droid army with this R/C vehicle.

Officially Licensed Star Wars Hailfire Droid RC Vehicle

Officially Licensed Star Wars Hailfire Droid R/C Vehicle

Clone troopers beware–the Hailfire Droid is rolling into battle, packed with missiles and ready to attack! It cuts a fearsome path as it moves over the ground, blasting anything in its way. Watch out–this mobile battle droid easily changes direction to keep the clone trooper army on the run!Launch yourself into extreme “out-of-this-world” excitement with this Radio Controlled Hailfire Droid vehicle! Use the controller to send this speedy airborne battler forward, reverse, to the right, to the left or even into a 360-degree spin. When you spot your target, send your vehicle over to remotely launch its 18 missile accessories! Hit your mark and help “save the universe”!

  • Exciting radio control “intergalactic” vehicle fires 18 missile accessories that you can remotely launch at your target!
  • Controller features full directional steering with forward, reverse, right, left and even 360-degree spin!
  • Vehicle and controller come with clone trooper figure.

You can purchase this Star Wars Hailfire Droid R/C Vehicle  at from $34.95 and at Barnes & Noble for $64.95.

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