The Cornobi: Lightsaber Corn Cob Holder

The Cornobi: Lightsaber Corn Cob Holder

Shed Simove has a lot of ideas. One of his coolest is The Cornobi, a lightsaber corn cob holder. With this gadget your corn will be held securely with the power of the force.

It’s just a design right now, but he has brought products to market in the past. I think we would all love to see this one hit stores. The only drawbacks I foresee with this product is that your lightsaber handle would get all buttery and the corn-saber itself is always yellow. No red like Vader or blue like Luke.

Help me Obi-Wan Cornobi, you are my only hope. If you want to learn more about the Cornobi or help him bring it to market, check out Shed’s website.


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