Spock Ear iPhone 4/4S Case

Spock Ear iPhone Case

Spock is one of the most stand-out characters of “Star Trek” and it’s not hard to understand why. He never says anything stupid and he gets things done right. We all wish to possess some of Spock’s finest virtues but there are two things we can never have like Spock, and that’s his pointy Vulcan ears. However, when you put your iPhone in this Spock Ear iPhone 4/ 4S Case, at least you will look like you have Spock ears from the side when you’re talking on your phone.

The graphics on the case look very real. If you look at the detailing near the triangular sideburns, you can almost see somewhat of a 5-o’clock shadow on the skin. Star Trek fans will marvel and laugh when they see such tasteful phone decor. Not that Spock is someone to laugh at.

Star Trek Spock Ear iPhone Case

Made with special heat activated inks that print to a high gloss permanent finish on special plates that are made in the U.S.A. that won’t fade or peel off. The case is made of a silicone rubber that conforms to the iPhone for a nice snug fit which will not easily come off. We prefer the silicone style over the plastic style because the plastic cases tend to crack very easy, plus the rubber styles offer better protection from impact. We offer Black, White and Clear style cases. Only for iPhone 4 & 4S

If Mr. Spock were to have his own iPhone, he would definitely have the smarts to protect it in a proper case. Get the Spock Ear iPhone 4/4S Case at Etsy.com for $15.

To really rock a more convincing Spock look, you could wear the Star Trek Movie Classic Spock Wig with Ears.

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  1. This was fun when I read about the spock iPhone case. It is a good idea as well as something creative. I wonder if anything can be customized in an image and embedded into the cases we buy…


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