Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

We live in a hi-tech world where it seems like the sky is the limit, but that’s not true. Actually, the battery life of all our cool toys is the limit. Fortunately, the Universal Gadget Wrist Charger steps on those limits like a stinky bug that deserves to die.

Whether it’s a long road trip, a boring day at the office, or just hanging out at the beach, we’ve all had our gaming systems, phones, and Kindles give up the electronic ghost because we thought that little blinking battery icon would shut up and go away if we ignored it long enough, and we were proven right because it did go away when our gadget goodies shut down because they were out of juice.

That’s no longer a problem with this as-portable-as-you-can-get battery charger. Just slap this little darling onto your wrist and you’re ready for some extended playing/talking/reading time. Once you get back home, just plug the bracelet into your computer and power-up in preparation for your next adventure out into the harsh world that would expect you to function without any electronic comfort.

Battery charger in a wearable wristband

Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

  • Wristband battery charger will charge your device while you use it!
  • Great for extending the battery life of your handheld game system or cell phone while traveling.
  • Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery (1,500mAh, 5.5V)
  • Capacity: 1,500mAh, 5.5V
  • Input: DC 5V
  • LED Indicators – Power-On and 4 Levels Power Meter
  • On/Off button design
  • Dimension: 256 x 34 x 12mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 82g

Make sure your gadgets are always ready to provide entertainment, and look stylish doing it, with the Universal Gadget Wrist Charger for $44.99 from ThinkGeek.com.

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