Universal Travel Charger

Universal Multipurpose Travel Charger

Whenever I travel, the various chargers I have to bring along with me always take up a huge amount of space in my carry-on luggage. One charger for my iPod, another for my smartphone, one more charger for my other smartphone. Then there’s the adapter too. But if you’ve got the Universal Travel Charger, then it’s going to be the only thing you’ll need to bring along.

Sure, you’ll still have all those other chargers, but you won’t have to worry about whether or not their prongs will fit into the wall sockets at the place you’re going. The Universal Travel Charger has 2 USB ports and a ton of various connectors that will get you through your trip with nary a gadget dying out on you.

Universal Multi-use Travel Charger

Universal Travel Charger

Although many of us might think it’s incredible, there are many people who habitually fly from one continent to another continent every month. For these people, the suitcase has become an extension of their own arms.

One of the many inconveniences this sort of lifestyle entails is having to deal with a whole mess of power adapters and chargers. With this universal travel charger, this whole issue is solved.

With 2 USB ports and adapters for all sorts of connectors, the universal travel charger may be used in over 150 countries. That way you can do things like charge your iPod and digital camera simultaneously.

The Universal Travel Charger is available from Curiosite for $28.39.

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