Pebble Pro Netbook Charger

Pebble Pro Portable Netbook Charger

I think the Pebble Pro Netbook Charger is the king of all portable chargers out there. It has a huge battery capacity, such that it can power up and charge your netbook for five hours and iPhone ten times over. In a way, you could think of it as the big brother of the equally useful Pebble Smartstick, since it’s a whole lot bigger. But for all that added size, you get a few hours’ worth of battery time for your devices.

The Pebble Pro Netbook Charger comes packed with 10 connectors for all the different gadgets and electronics that you may want to charge up while you’re on the go.

Pebble Pro Netbook Charger

Pebble Pro Netbook Charger

The Pebble Pro Netbook Charger is a serious bit of kit for anyone who owns a laptop, netbook, tablet, iPhone, smartphone, or any USB gadget. And that means you! USB powered, this soon-to-be essential travelling companion even features a nifty charge indicator so you can see how much juice you’re packing. Take it to festivals, on Jack Bauer-style days out, or simply pop it in your satchel wherever you may roam.

  • 10 connectors for most popular laptops, netbooks and notebooks
  • 5 mobile phone connectors for iPhone, Blackberry, Smartphones and other portable devices
  • All digital cameras, that can charge their battery by mini USB
  • All GPS units, that can charge their battery by mini USB

The Pebble Pro Netbook Charger is available from Firebox for £69.99 ($109.)


  1. Hello..

    I have little question to ask..

    I am thinking about purchasing Lenovo Ideapad Y510P laptop. But that laptop has 170 W charger..

    But I think this charger max support 90 W only…

    Can this charger charge that laptop ??

    I dont understand that.

    Could you please explain me ???

    • Here are the listed specs:
      Battery Capacity: 13,200mAh @ 3.7V
      Able to extend battery life of all popular laptops, netbooks and tablets up to 3.7 Amp by minimum 2 to 5 hours (dependent on device specification)
      Notebook Charge: 2-5 hours (depending on laptop specifications)
      Input Voltage: DC 16V/1A
      Output Voltage: 5V/1A, 16V-19V/3.5A

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