Water Pebble


You know how sometimes you’re sad, and you just take a long, hot shower to get rid of all those negative thoughts? It might be good for you and your emotional well-being, but super long showers aren’t exactly doing any favors for Mother Nature with all that water going down the drain.

That’s what the Water Pebble is for: to keep things in check and remind you when you’re using way too much water for your shower. It’s a programmable device that will track the amount of water you’ve used during the first time you use it when you shower. After that, the Water Pebble will flash different color signals like traffic lights to let you know when you need to stop showering or when it’s time to wrap your bath up.

Water Pebble

Waterpebble encourages you to use less water each time you shower.
Press the reset button. 3 lights will flash
Place in the shower near the plughole. Shower as normal. The lights will flash green, amber and red as Waterpebble memorizes your shower.

Then each time you shower, Waterpebble lights up to indicate:

Green – start
Amber – you’re halfway through
Red – time to stop

The Water Pebble is available from Uncommon Goods for $10 and at Amazon.com for $10.

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