H2O Water Powered Shower Radio

H2O Shower Power Radio

Powered by water pressure, the H2O Shower Power Radio requires no batteries. It it is water powered, producing energy from the water flow through an H2O micro turbine. Now you can listen to the radio in the shower in the most eco-friendly way.

Water Powered Shower RadioListen to music or news in the shower, without worrying about batteries with the H2O water powered shower radio. It really is an ingenious contraption that engineers, geeks, and tree huggers alike can appreciate.

Water Powered Shower Radio Best Bits

  • Listen to music, news and information in the shower
  • Economical, ecological and convenient
  • Easy to install
  • Energy-efficient – no batteries required

The H2O Shower Power Radio is available to pre-order for £34.95 from Gizoo. It is due to arrive on March 30, 2011.


  1. It’s not so eco friendly when you realize the pressure is provided by a pump running on electricity generated at a power plant.

  2. True, it is running on the water pressure that is likely generated by an electric pump. However, does this cause any additional load on the pump?

    My understanding is that it does not, so using the water powered radio doesn’t cause any increased electricity usage by the water company. It just would slightly reduce the pressure of the shower water. If this is correct, it would still be a net benefit to the environment compared to using an electric or battery powered shower radio.

  3. I believe the water pressure is primarily generated by gravity and your local water tower. What did you think they were for?

  4. Do you not see the efficiency of this product. It is using the exact amount of water you would use anyway while showering, plus it does not use batteries which contributes to toxic landfill, it is a win win and most definitely eco-friendly

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