Water Powered Watch

Water Powered Watch

We have covered a water powered clock, a citrus powered digital clock and a liquid powered digital clock, but this is the first ever water powered watch posted here at GeekAlerts.

Strap on this designer wrist watch, that is entirely powered by water … or more precisely, entirely powered by water in its function as an electrolyte between the copper and magnesium, that is mounted inside the watchs tiny water tank.

When in contact with water, the magnesium and copper will release + ions in a chemical reaction that can be converted into electric energy to power the watch and its display.

Your water powered wrist watch will hold its power for up to 5 days pr. dose of water. And when the display starts to fade, all you have to do is to empty the water tank and refill it with fresh water. After each refill the watch will need a few seconds to restart again.

Water Powered Watch


  • 6 digit time display (hours, minut, seconds)
  • Calender
  • Stopwatch

The Water Powered Wrist Watch is available for 329 DKK ($58 USD) from Gadgets.dk.

(Via The Red Ferret Journal)


  1. I read with interest about the water watch, and noted the comment “latest gadgets and technology” and that this was the first time displaying the item.
    I have a childrens water watch (unopened, in original packaging) purchased for my child, in England by his grand-parents. It was puchased at least 23 years ago (1987) The packaging states “new hi-tech product” world-wide patent pending, “the only watch in the world that runs on ordinary tap water.”(same principal as listed in your review)
    So, I would guess that water watches have been around for quiet some time.

    • same here. I had one at school called a wave watch or something. No one ever believed me it was water powered though.

      • I went through one of my armoires looking for various things and found a Wave Water Powered Watch that I bought in the late 80’s. It looks brand new. I threw it in the sink filled with water and let it sit for 10 minutes and it started working. All functions are working fine. Thought this might interest you!

    • Does your “water” watch have a “worldwide patent”? I have one that was purchased 25-30 years ago that I can’t find any data on.

  2. I also had theses years ago. they sold them in pound shop here in Ireland. Where can i get this watch? None on ebay & the site is in danish & have translated and still can’t find one?P>?P>?P>?P>O

    • i do not think you will ever get another one ever i have only ever seen one and still have it well my son does but his nanny got it for him so he would never ever part with it,just one other thing why did no rust or verdigrae get on them spooky !!!

  3. I picked up similarly designed water-powered watch at a flea market in the 80’s for about ten bucks. Far as I can remember, it worked on the same principle. My popularity of a few years died when my wrists outgrew the strap, sadly. It was very cool, nonetheless.

  4. my son got a water powered watch in the early eighties i was aghast that you ran it under cold water to make it work,now people do not believe me it really did work gosh knows how, its in my attic in his stuff transformers and suchlike as he is 33 now but it was bought for abought 20 pence from a car boot sale off his nanny go figure !!!

  5. just one more thing my son never had to empty it out as the other one states he just ran it under the water when he was washing his hands ???

  6. 58 bucks? I bought a simple black metal one, rectangular across the wrist with bright emerald green window, that one held under the tap for a moment, at a local San Francisco Chinese owned shop for a mere $3 from the odds and ends box, in late ’87. Now, with a cel, I don’t really need a watch, but I would wear another of those then “cutting edge” timepieces.

  7. I got one of these as a gift, and as soon as I put water in, it broke and never worked..
    I literally never saw it working since day one.. Total waste of money.

  8. I just found my Wave water watch a few minutes ago in one of my armoires. Bought it in Santa Barbara Ca. In the late 80’s. Looks brand new. I through it in the sink filled with water, let it sit for a couple of minutes, set the the day, date, and time and it’s working perfectly.

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