Little Third Ear Earrings

Little Third Ear Earrings

If you have pierced ears and like to freak people out, you need a pair of these Little Third Ear Earrings. They’re handmade earrings that look like a tiny little ear. With another version (pictured on top of this page) that ear has a teeny earring on it.

With either version, the earrings by themselves don’t look so weird as the design is rather innocuous and not grotesque. However, once they are being worn the effect of the little ear next to your real ear is jarring, and sure to shock passers-by. These are really fun if you like to see people do double-takes, or if you want to break the ice on a first date.

Your big ear grows a little ear! And it is wearing a earring!

Little Third Ear Earrings

Little Third Ear Earrings are available for £26 (~$41) a pair on Etsy. Unfortunately the Version With Earrings on the Little Ear are sold out already.

A few other related items from the same Etsy shop are the Little Nose Ring and Little Ear Ring, which are actually nose and ear shaped rings for your finger. You could ask your friends “How do you like my new nose ring?” When they try to look for a piercing on your nose, you can show them the ring on your finger.

If you like these earrings, check out the Ear Styled iPhone Case, Earonic, and the Hand Shaped iPhone Case. All of these can elicit the same WTF! reaction, with no pierced ears required.

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