Ear Scope Ear Wax Cleaner

Ear Scope Ear Wax Cleaner

Sometimes ear wax gets jammed way down the ear canal and leaves you deaf until you figure out a clever way to get it out, hopefully without damage to the ear drum. It often requires a trip to the clinic, and getting an embarrassing (but relieving) ear lavage. The Ear Scope TV Fiber Optic Ear Wax Cleaner, provides a way for you to see how much goop has been shoved in there so you can effectively remove it.

Ear Scope Ear Wax Cleaner

  • Ear Scope TV
  • 20 ear cleaning picks
  • 1 Japanese-style ear spoon
  • 1 multi-use light guide
  • Instruction: English
  • 7400 pixels (adjustable)
  • 1.5mm lens
  • 1 meter fiber optic cable
  • Weight: 300g
  • Power: 4 AA batteries (included)

When you hook the device up to input on your tv or monitor, you’ll get an illuminated view of what is causing the blockage. See the cartoon of the mom checking out what’s in her child’s ear? I love the expression on the boy’s face. That’s pretty bang-on at how a kid would react if you stick something like that in his ear. Protest!

The set comes with 20 ear cleaning picks if you’re brave and dexterous enough to do the cleanup. I can think of so many other uses for this thing. For instance, my trusty beer bottle opener fell through the cracks of the deck. This endoscope would’ve been awesome to help find it. Jewelry down the sink, objects lost in the abyss of the driver’s seat and console, etc.

If you want a dentist’s view of your back teeth, this thing could show you. They also say you can check what’s up your nose. Hmm, ear, nose and mouth…that’s too much multitasking.

But for $433 at Japan Trend Shop, you’re going to want to get your money’s worth for the Ear Scope Ear Wax Cleaner.

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