Solo: A Star Wars Story Premiere Reactions

Solo A Star Wars Story Premiere

There is a Solo: A Star Wars Story review embargo in effect until May 15, at 2PM PST, but that doesn’t prevent quick takes on Twitter from those that saw the film at the May 10 premiere, as we see in these Solo: A Star Wars Story Premiere Reactions.

Due to issues in production and rumors over the last couple years, there were two major fears. One was that the movie would be a giant disaster and wouldn’t even feel like a Star Wars film. The second was that Alden Ehrenreich would be a poor excuse for a Han Solo. Fortunately, the reactions on Twitter put both of those fears to rest. Overall, viewers thought the movie was great (although perhaps a bit rough in the first act), that it felt like Star Wars, and that Alden Ehrenreich and the whole cast nailed it.

Here are some of the Solo: A Star Wars Story Premiere Reactions.

Ben Mekler, from the Nerdist, thought Solo was energetic and fresh, and that the “cast crushed it.”

The Editor-in-Chief of Rotten Tomatoes, Joel Meares, thought it was “kinda a blast” and that “Alden Ehrenreich has swagger.”

Kevin Polowy, senior correspondent for Yahoo Entertainment, thought it was “reaaaaalllly good” and “fun as hell.”

Joseph Schmidt from said it was full of surprises and “was a TON of fun.”

Brian Tong went so far as to say that Solo: A Star Wars Story is a better movie than Avengers: Infinity War.

Angie J. Han, deputy entertainment editor at Mashable and former editor at Slashfilm proclaims that “Alden Ehrenreich is the real deal.”

The reaction from Kate Erbland, film editor at IndieWire, was a bit mixed, but thought that after it finds its feet and kicks in “it totally flies.”

Clayton Sandell, from ABC news, said that he loved it and warned to watch out for spoilers before you get a chance to see it.

Jim Vejvoda‏ from IGN Movies says that he “was pleasantly surprised.”

Mashable editor Chris Taylor was very happy that it was good. “It’s sooo good.”

Jacki Jing from IGN was “completely floored.”

I’m not sure if Mark Hamill’s opinion is unbiased, but he says that he “can’t wait to see it AGAIN.”

Also from IGN, Tom Jorgensen‏ though Solo was “a ton of fun!” He also praised performances of Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover as Han Solo and Lando Calrissian.

The Director of Video Operations at Collider Video, Dennis Tzeng, wasn’t thrilled. He thought it was mostly fun, but the story was too predictable.

Kara Warner from People Magazine was must more excited. She enthused that it was “a friggin TREAT” and that it was “so much fun.”

Michelle Buchman from Nerdist praised it for being charming and funny, and she declared it her new favorite Star Wars movie.

Senior Entertainment Writer for Uproxx, Mike Ryan, though it was hit or miss. However, he was impressed with Donald Glover’s performance and thought that once “the Kessel Run heist plot kicks in, it’s a whole lot of fun.”

Perri Nemiroff from Collider wasn’t thrilled. She “Was really hoping for higher stakes, more energy and depth.”

Umberto Gonzalez, Film Reporter for TheWrap, said “the movie is an absolute blast to hyperspace!”

Editor-in-Chief of, Steven Weintraub‏, noted that if Disney was willing to show the film weeks before release, it most likely isn’t any where as bad as the rumors would have you believe. After seeing it he declared that the “film is a blast and a welcome addition to the Star Wars universe.”

Jesse B. Gill‏, Senior News Producer for Nerdist, called it “rock solid.”

Amy Ratcliffe, Managing Editor at Nerdist, called it “an absolute delight of a romp with heart, charm, and action.”

Wendy Lee Szany from The Movie Couple, wasn’t thrilled. While there were some “great action sequences” some of the moments “were a bit too on the nose.”

Kristopher Tapley from Variety says that Solo: A Star Wars story has “lots of great action.”

Germain Lussier‏ Entertainment Reporter for Gizmodo and io9, declares the film “a goddamn delight.”

Terri Schwartz, Editorial Manager of IGN Entertainment, says that it “feels true to what makes #StarWars fun.”

Jenna Busch, Founder/EIC of LegionofLeia, calls it “a blast of an adventure.”

Simon Thompson, Film/Entertainment Journalist, was really worried about Solo: A Star Wars Story, but after seeing it “those concerns are totally laid to rest.”

Finally, Rob Keyes‏, Editorial Director at ScreenRant, compliments the blaster action scenes and vehicle chases in the “most real looking film in the franchise.”

If you want more about the Solo: A Star Wars Story Premiere, watch the red carpet coverage:

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  1. I was really worried about the rumors and that Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo would ruin this movie. I’m thrilled to hear all the positive feedback on his performance and I can’t wait to see it now.

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