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UPGRADE Overkill Red Band Trailer

Today Blumhouse released the UPGRADE Overkill Red Band Trailer for their sci-fi action horror film that will be released on June 1, 2018. Before watching it, note that this is a red band trailer, not a green band trailer, and they even label it as […]

The Matrix 4K Ultra HD
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The Matrix Released on 4K Ultra HD

Jurassic Park wasn’t the only high definition release today; The Matrix Was Released on 4K Ultra HD as well. While some 4K releases are low quality because they are basically just upsampled versions of the Blu-ray, The Matrix 4K UHD is the real deal—it is […]

Deadpool 2 Reviews
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Deadpool 2 Reviews Round-Up

Deadpool 2 is one of those movies that really doesn’t need reviews. If you loved Deadpool, you’re probably going to love Deadpool 2. If you hated Deadpool, then don’t even bother thinking about the sequel. Despite this, GeekAlerts still made this Deadpool 2 Reviews Round-Up, […]

Magnum PI TV Reboot
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Magnum P.I. TV Reboot Trailer

You may have found yourself asking, “what popular old series haven’t they rebooted yet?” in the past few years, and this Magnum P.I. TV Reboot Trailer is one answer to that question. Watch it, and you’ll see that this series reboot has all the icons […]

Solo: A Star Wars Story Reviews
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Solo: A Star Wars Story Reviews Round-Up

Before we were limited to the quick Solo Premiere Reactions, but this afternoon Disney lifted the embargo, leaving critics free to publish their full Solo reviews. We’ve collected and summarized many reviews from leading critics and quality geek sites in this Solo: A Star Wars […]

Mile 22 Movie
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Mile 22 Official Movie Trailer

Watch the new Mile 22 Official Movie Trailer, an action thriller from Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg. It is the first of what is expected to be a trilogy of films. In this movie, which will be in theaters soon, an elite American intelligence officer […]

The Passage TV Series
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The Passage Official Trailer

Fox just dropped The Passage Official Trailer for the TV series based on the best-selling trilogy by Justin Cronin. It appears this first season will deal with the beginning of the story leading up to the spread of the contagion throughout America, and save the […]

Cosmos Possible Worlds Trailer
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Cosmos: Possible Worlds Official Trailer

Watch the Cosmos: Possible Worlds Official Trailer for a preview of what you’ll see in Spring 2019 when this Emmy and Peabody Award-winning television series returns for its third season. Cosmos: Possible Worlds is again written, directed, and executive-produced by Ann Druyan and will have Neil […]

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Nightflyers Teaser Trailer

Nightflyers, a psychological thriller from the mind of George R.R. Martin, is coming to television this fall, and today SYFY released a Nightflyers Teaser Trailer. Take a look at this space horror fantasy from the genius behind Game of Thrones. Gretchen Mol stars as Dr. […]