WowWee Roboscooper

WowWee Roboscooper

One good way to get out of vacuuming every day of the week is to get a Seven Day Scheduling Robotic Vacuum and let it loose in your home. There’s also an interesting clean-up device for the little goblins that take things out and fail miserably at putting them back. Their wishes might come true when you call upon the WowWee Roboscooper when you could use a little Mary Poppins action in the house. Spit-spot!

WowWee Roboscooper

Six rubber wheels glide over smooth surfaces. Sturdy ABS construction. Requires six AA batteries and three AAA batteries. Ages 6 and up. 13″ L x 8 1/2″ W x 8″ H. (2 lbs.)

Cleaning up little LEGOs, dirty socks, nick nacks, candy wrappers, dolls, action figures, and toys under 1 oz. couldn’t be more thrilling when you have this remote control buddy. Watch one of the most hated menial tasks turn into a game and expedite pick-up time. Not only will kids find themselves scrambling to tidy up their rooms with Roboscooper, but they’ll also be honing their hand-eye coordination skills needed for future occupations, such as in the fields of video gaming, cardiology, robotic engineering, etc.

Roboscooper can detect objects that are eight to twelve inches away from him. In addition to being a mini-maid, this robot also communicates when he’s stuck or when an object is too heavy to pick up. He’ll say, “Um…a little help please” to indicate he’s stuck and, “Too heavy for me” if you overwork him and make him fetch you a beer.

Set Roboscooper to “whack” mode and he becomes an instant playmate. Imagine the games you could play with him, like mini bowling, mini golf, mini catch, ping pong…

Your parallel thoughts to reading the word “Roboscooper” might give you some wild ideas, but we don’t really recommend that you use him to clean up number twos left by household pets or any creature. Granted, Roboscooper may induce some pets to be frightened and thereby commit small crimes. But still, this robot wasn’t built to handle that sort of waste management.

The Roboscooper is $69.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

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