My First Wooden Laptop

My First Wooden Laptop

So your child’s asking for a laptop and won’t give up no matter how many times you’ve told them “no.” You don’t need to cave and get them one of those electronic gizmos because really, they’re still so young. So find a loophole to their request and just get your kid the My First Wooden Laptop.

The My First Wooden Laptop is a creatively designed chalkboard that your child can doodle and draw on to his or her heart’s content. It’s a great way to start developing your kid’s drawing or writing skills in a way that doesn’t seem like a boring or tedious chore.First Wooden Laptop

My First Wooden Laptop

We’re not sure how many wooden laptops you plan to own, but My First Wooden Laptop is certainly a good place to start. Made in the same proportions as a standard laptop, this fold out wooden toy is actually a nifty pair of chalkboards. Brilliant for doodling on the move or looking just as cool as mum and dad around the house.

Set your young ones doodling away while you keep your real laptop far from their chalky clutches. It’s an ideal introduction to the digital world and lets budding professionals hone their graphics skills or get the hang of pie charts.

My First Wooden Laptop is available for pre-order at Firebox for £34.99 ($57.)

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