DIY Wooden Postcard

DIY Wooden Postcard

Sometimes the old way of doing things is still the best way. Take postcards for example. I prefer physical postcards compared to e-cards any time. But if you’re up to it, then another twist to this conventional way of getting a short message across the world is through the DIY Wooden Postcard.

I think its name says it all. In each set, you get a blank piece of wood with the usual prints you’ll find on a regular postcard. Just grab a sharp object or a knife, if you’re pretty adept at using it to carve stuff out, and imprint your own message and drawing on the card. Your recipient will truly be pleasantly surprised and touched that you took the time to get your message across the hard way.

DIY Wooden Postcard

DIY Wooden Postcard

Those typical postcards you buy at souvenir shops are really rather uninspired… They’re impersonal and not very original. If you agree with this last statement, then this is the perfect gift for you.

You can design this wooden postcard yourself. Just get your hands on a sharp object (for instance, a house key) and use it to carve your message or drawing.

Although, of course, this type of postcard seems to beg that you carve a heart shape on it, pierce it with an arrow, and write two lovers’ names one on each side of the heart.

All right, this may be a bit corny, but it really does seem to be the essence of this wooden postcard. The wooden postcard has lines on the back so you can write the receiver’s address and it even has a space marked out for the stamp. That way you’ll know where to stick it.

The DIY Wooden Postcard is available from Curiosite for $6.94.

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