Wooden iPhone and iPad Docking Station

Wooden iPhone and iPad Docking Station

iPhone 4? Check. iPad 2? Check. So you’ve got the latest that Apple has to offer right now, but do your beloved gizmos have a log cabin to call home? The Wooden iPhone and iPad Docking Station is a resort where igadgets go to recharge their batteries.

Handmade Wooden iPhone and iPad Docking Station

Handmade Wooden iPhone and iPad Docking Station

The iPad is slightly different than previous iPods and iPhones. The docking station can be used in two ways.

1….Sync with your computer and iTunes by plugging the usb cable into the computer.
*** note the iPad may not charge while plugged into the computer, the watt output of most computer is not enough to charge the iPad.

2….Charge by plugging the usb cable in to the 10 watt power adapter that came with the iPad. The iPhone power adapter will also not charge the iPad because of the same low watt output as the computer.

Please note these docking stations are designed to work without a case on the iPad. The iPad is a lot heavier than the iPhone and must be supported by the back of the dock. There is such a wide range of cases which vary greatly in their size. If there is too much space in the docking slot, when it leans back, it could put too much pressure on the 30-pin connection.

This organic-looking dock is not mass-produced, rather, it is custom made from the time you order. The dock is carved from cedar wood, which means it’ll keep your gadgets smelling fresh.

Judging from the photos, the dark and light tones of the wood give the dock beautiful depth and character, really making it a true showcase of natural art. The juxtaposition of rustic wood with modern electronics makes a bold statement as well.

Photos of nature would look stunning against the dock. And Angry Birds might get a little anger management therapy after nesting here a while.

Order the Wooden iPhone and iPad Docking Station on etsy.com for $188 US or approximately $185.11 CA. The seller indicates that it takes about two weeks to make the dock.

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