The Seven Day Scheduling Robotic Vacuum

The Seven Day Scheduling Robotic Vacuum

Vacuuming is one of the chores that I always try to beg off on. But with the Seven Day Scheduling Robotic Vacuum, you won’t really have to do any of the vacuuming yourself because you can just program this handy bot to do all the cleaning for you.

The Seven Day Scheduling Robotic Vacuum can be scheduled to automatically vacuum your home for a certain time of the day, for up to seven days. It’s equipped with durable counter-rotating brushes and is built with several sensors that direct it to vacuum the right areas and change its vacuuming motion when it encounters rug fringe. Pretty neat, right?

The Seven Day Scheduling Robotic Vacuum

The unit’s specially designed dual, counter-rotating agitator brushes spread carpet fibers and enable the powerful vacuum to remove pet hair and other stubborn detritus from low and high-pile carpets. A built-in sensor detects which areas of the floor are most soiled and directs Roomba to spend more time cleaning that area. Another sensor redirects the unit when it encounters stairs and it has an enhanced anti-tangle technology that enables the robot to reverse the rotation of its brushes when it senses rug fringe.

The Seven Day Scheduling Robotic Vacuum is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $379.95. For small desktop jobs, checkout the Zamboni Desk Vacuum.

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