Zamboni Desk Vacuum

Zamboni Desk Vacuum

I wanna drive a Zamboni. I wanna drive a Zamboni, yes I do. If ‘Driving a  Zamboni’ happens to be on your bucket list, get the Urban Trend Zamboni Desk Vacuum and check Zamboni-riding off. You can be come the master of your domain with the palm-sized desk tidy-er that will have your workspace shining like a glossy ice rink, just in time for the next period.Zamboni Desktop Vacuum

Zambonis symbolize peace on the ice arena. Deranged hockey moms and drunken fans don’t muster any hate or rivalry for the Zamboni because Zambonis are neutral. No waffles get thrown at Zambonis, either.

The Zamboni Desk Vacuum would be a great gift for a teacher, hockey aficianados, or anyone who is neurotic about having a clean desk. The Zamboni will work hard to clean various little particles that fall on your desk, such as pencil shavings, food crumbs, dust, dandruff, you get the picture.

Battery-Operated Zamboni Desk Vacuum

Zamboni Desk Vacuum Features

  • Blue-and-white hockey-inspired desk vacuum looks like a miniature Zamboni
  • Great for hockey fans and sports enthusiasts
  • Intricately realistic details include snow dump, brushes, and steering wheel
  • Battery-operated (batteries not included) suction easily picks up dust and crumbs
  • Sized to fit on any desk or shelf
  • Measures approximately 13-4/5″ x 15-4/5″ x 12-1/5″

You’ll need to buy 4 AAA batteries to operate the vacuum, but it’s actually you and your hand that get to do the driving. The Zamboni Desk Vacuum, on sale at Amazon.

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