Scratch ‘N Scroll Mousepad/Notepad with Stylus

Quirky Scratch 'N Scroll Mouse Pad

Even in this high tech day and age, we still find ourselves needing to jot things down on paper right away because we all have a little bit of ADD in us. Post-Its are great, but before you know it, an annoying sea of Post-Its flood your desk and clutter your life, or you end up losing them and getting in trouble. The Scratch’N Scroll Mousepad/Notepad with Stylus is a more clever, eco-friendly way to keep track of urgent items. Since it’s a mousepad, the Scratch’N Scroll is designed to remain a permanent fixture on the desk; always in sight and at your service.

It’s easy to use. Jot down your message using the included stylus, or if you lose that, any scratchedy object such as a fingernail would do. Then, after you’ve had time to process the message, it’s ready to be erased by lifting the translucent paper cover. Yeah, just like those fun notepads we had as kids.

Scratch'N Scroll Mousepad/Notepad

Meanwhile, the basic function of the product is not sacrificed. It still has all the qualities of a good, reliable mousepad. It has traction on the back side, a broad working surface, and accommodates any run-of-the-mill computer mouse. Its design is simple and unoffensive, but what you write on it is up to you.

Technical Details

  • Smooth scrolling surface, just like standard mouse pads.
  • Non-slip back pad so the product stays put while in use
  • Slim, portable design
  • Just like the Magic Slate, that genius childhood toy
  • Works in conjunction with any optical, Laser or Ball-based computer mouse

The Scratch ‘N Scroll Mousepad/Notepad with Stylus is a great gift for people who are chained to their desks or for those who need help decluttering their workspace. Buy it at Amazon for $15.99 or at I Want One Of Those for £14.99.

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