The Dog Dung Vacuum

Dog Dung Vacuum

Dog owners love their dogs so much that they’re willing to put up with their excrement. While the Va-Poo-Rizer hasn’t been invented in reality yet, there are other things that make dirty jobs easier (maybe more fun, too). Recently, we showed you the Poop Freeze Aerosol Spray and now we’re showing you the Dog Dung Vacuum. Though it’s got the bright yellow handle, it probably wasn’t Dyson who invented this one.

The Dog Dung Vacuum
This device vacuums pet waste into a disposable bag, eliminating the need to bend over and scoop excrement by hand. A 30,000-rpm motor quickly suctions dog waste from grass, concrete, or even snow-covered ground into a plastic bag that removes for ease of disposal. The bag wraps around the vacuum’s intake to prevent waste from touching any part of the device. About the size of a leaf blower, the cordless vacuum transports easily around a yard and stores unobtrusively. Provides up to 50 cleanups after a 12-hour charge via the included AC adapter. Includes 25 3-lb.-capacity bags. 34″ H x 6 1/2″ W x 13″ D. (4 1/4 lbs.)

Cleaning up doggie land mines is one of the most degrading duties on the planet. Having a vacuum especially designed to clean up and store poo takes the nasty grunt work out of it. If you have kids who aren’t willing to help with chores, you can ground them from video games, or, you could give them permission to use this Ghostbusters-like vacuum.

The Dog Dung Vacuum goes for a reasonable $99.95 CAD at Hammacher Schelemmer, backed by a lifetime guarantee. You will also need to stock up on the bags that go with it, which are $19.95 for the 50-pack.

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