WowWee’s Wrex the Dawg Available in the U.S.

WowWee Wrex the Dawg Robot

Wrex The Dawg, WowWee’s cool robot junkyard dog (previously featured here at GeekAlerts), has finally popped up in online stores in the USA for ordering. has it available for about $140. Hammacher Schlemmer has it with an expected ship date of 9/26/2008 and a price of $130. has a free shipping offer, but lists it as “Temporarily Out Of Stock” at a price of $150.

WowWee Wrex the Dawg Robot

About WowWee’s Wrex the Dawg

Wrex the Dawgs behavior depends on his moods and desires. His three moods Happy, Angry and Crazy and three desires Exercise, Call of Nature and Hunger are expressed in Wrex the Dawgs crazy slot machine eyes. You will always know what he is thinking and feeling.

Lift up his back panel to reveal the re programming buttons. You can program him to behave like a cat, perform wild actions or even dare to disobey your commands. Wrex the Dawg scampers around on his hind wheels. Take him for a stroll or let him roam around freely and he will change his moods and desires, just like a real dog.


  • Wrex the Dawg robotic dog/ 9 motors/ IR sensors/ speakers
  • 16 eye icon combinations/ 4 icons for each eye
  • The three moods and three desires are expressed in lucky crazy slot machine eye
  • In guard mode he becomes a mean junkyard dog and warns when strangers approach
  • Scampers around on his hind wheels/ slot machine eyes and ears that twitch/ remote controller requires 3 x AA size batteries/ not included

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