Timmy The Monkey Dog Toy

Timmy the Monkey Dog Toy

The guys over at ThinkGeek have been churning out great products since the beginning of time, and it’s about time they created a product that rewarded their mascot.  Timmy The Monkey is the adorable face that greets you when you jump onto their website, and now he’s the adorable face that gets brutally gnawed on by various canines.  (And one human male, who asked in the comments if it was safe for him to use the product.  Some people…)

Timmy is surely at least as durable as the other dog toys you buy, but he’ll be ripped apart at varying speeds depending on the ferocity of your dog.

Monkey Dog Toy

Timmy The Monkey Dog Toy
Timmy likes the puppies. Timmy likes the puppies so much, he wanted to do something to make them happy. To some, he gave lettuce and carrots. To others, he gave Meaty NumNums. But it wasn’t enough. Then Timmy made the ultimate gift: he tore off his face and said, “Here, puppies, chew on this!” Not really. He just got dog toys made to look like his face. Timmy the Monkey Dog Toy is here!

Well.  That ranks number one on my “endearing story of the day list.”  It’s also the only story on my “endearing story of the day list” since I’m illiterate and only buy audiobooks narrated by Morgan Freeman.

If you want to pick up Timmy The Monkey Dog toy for $9.99, you can do so from ThinkGeek.  If not, you should check out the Zombie Foot Dog Toy and the Toilet Dog Water Bowl.

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