Mojito R-Evolution Molecular Mixology Set

Mojito R-Evolution Molecular Mixology Set

If Sheldon Cooper were to make him and his buddies some mojitos, he’d probably go about it using a kit such as the Mojito R-Evolution Molecular Mixology Set. He’d likely go light on the rum, though, and add some Benefiber for increased fiber content. 

This kit provides you with the lab equipment you need to reinvent the mojito and mess with its molecules. However, it seems as though the results would yield a drink that stays true to the refreshing flavors we love so much, like mint and lime. Instead of having fresh, crushed mint leaves, you might end up with foamy mint bubbles.

Mojito Molecular Mixology Set

Mojito R-Evolution Molecular Mixology Set Includes:

  • Materials: stainless steel, food-grade plastic, food-grade silicone, sodium alginate, gelatin, xanthan gum, calcium lactate, soy lecithin
  • 3 natural food additives in pre-measured sachets (15 sachets)
  • 1 slotted spoon
  • 2 plastic pipettes
  • 1 silicone mold
  • 3 recipes

Some things we’ve learned in life have become contradictory. Parents and grandparents have been warning their kids for decades if not centuries to stop playing with their food and drinks. On the contrary, this kit gives folks the green light to play with and transform their favorite Cuban beverage into something phenomenal.

The Mojito R-Evolution Molecular Mixology Set is on backorder at Uncommon Goods for $30, but they plan to have more in stock to ship by November 2…you can check out the Molecular Mixology Kit – Cocktail R-EVOLUTION while you wait for the Mojito.

Bartenders-turned-mad scientists will also love the Cocktail Chemistry Set.

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