Evolution Erasers

Evolution Erasers

We’ve all been taught the theory of evolution in our Science classes when we were in elementary school. The fact that humans evolved from apes is one that is well-known and well-propagated, from t-shirt designs to toys like the Evolving Darwin Play Set to movie and story plots. But how about you begin erasing the mistakes that your ancestors might have made with the Evolution Erasers?

The Evolution Erasers look like they’re morphing from ape to man and back again right before your very eyes. I doubt I’ll ever get around to using these erasers though, because they are truly a beauty to behold. You might want to check out the Peanut Erasers or Mustache Erasers too, for some guilt-less yet still fancy erasing.

Evolution Rubber Erasers

Evolution Erasers

Don’t let written errors make a monkey out of you. Instead, let your writing evolve by using this Darwinian eraser. The unusually shaped eraser features a silhouette of modern Homo sapiens at one end, and its hypothesized simian ancestor at the other. Start by erasing from monkey end, and with each use you’ll witness another step in the gradually developing form. Or try it in reverse, as each typo moves you one step closer to un-evolved monkeyhood. The eraser can also be sliced into segments to expose the different developmental stages, or can even be used as creative, evolutionary ink stamps.

The Evolution Erasers is available from Uncommon Goods for $16.

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