Peanut Erasers

Peanut Erasers

Erasers don’t get any quirkier than this. If the Mustache Eraser Set failed to tickle your fancy, then maybe these Peanut Erasers will.

Play with them, throw them around, use them to erase your mistakes, and then pop them in your mouth. No, we’re just kidding about that last part (these erasers are not edible!) These erasers come in a collectible container and if you have any guests who don’t look closely, they might mistake these for the real thing and wonder why they can’t get through the peanut shell. Oh, well.

Peanut ErasersPeanut Erasers

If you’re one of these people who still insists on using pencils, you’ll have to make sure you always have an eraser on hand. These Peanut Erasers have a cute design that’s quite striking.

You’ll never need to buy another eraser, because this tub contains 48 peanuts!

You can also use them as a gift to reward someone every time they do something right, as a sort of creative positive reinforcement.

The Peanut Erasers are available from Curiosite for $31.40.

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