Manhole Doormat

Manhole DoormatSlow down there buddy or you might just fall into the manhole. But if it’s the Manhole Doormat that’s sitting quite prettily (in a grungy sort of way) on your doorstep, then by all means, give it a good stomp lest you bring in all that dirt and grime from your shoes into the house. It’s a doormat that’s got a design as quirky as the Fusmatte Slide to Unlock doormat we featured earlier.

These quirky Manhole Doormats will surely make your house guests and visitors take a second look (and give their shoes a good old stomping around) once they see these. Choose from three designs that feature manholes from three different locations from all over the globe.

Manhole Doormat

Manhole Doormat

Forget those boring old “Welcome” mats; nowadays doormats come in all different styles. Take this Manhole Doormat, for instance.
Your guests will be amazed when they reach your doorstep only to find this incredible work of art. But don’t let its elegant appearance fool you, it’s actually a waterproof doormat and you can trample over it as often as you like.
What model you choose depends on your own private preferences. Are you more of a Londoner, New Yorker or Parisian?

  • Material: Silicone and felt.
  • Color: Manhole Grey.
  • Models: New York, Paris and London.
  • Size: Width: 61.5 cm / 24 inches – Height: 61.5 cm / 24 inches.

The Manhole Doormat is available from Curiosite for $35.02.

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