Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

I admit that if I lived alone, I could easily become a crazy cat lady. What’s wrong with having a bunch of feline friends? Well, apparently several things because there’s a whole industry poking fun at these poor, lonely women. So far, GeekAlerts has featured Crazy Cat Lady Candy, Mini Milk Bottle Drinking Glasses, and the Crazy Cat Lady Board Game. Now we’d like to add the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure.

The crazy cat lady is a special sort of geek who deserves her own action figure. She comes with six furry companions, litter box not included. You can almost hear her talking to them out loud in high-pitched baby talk as if nobody could hear her. Check out her plaid pajama pants and bright-green slippers. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a clue about fashion, or that her city has a by-law about the maximum number of cats a person can own.

Every town has a Crazy Cat Lady. She’s the one who lives in a tiny house full of feral felines. This 5-1/4” (13.3 cm) tall, hard vinyl Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure has a wild look in her eye and comes with six cats.

Whether you’re making fun of or celebrating crazy cat ladies, you can buy the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure at Fred Flare for $15 and at from $7.89.

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