Lunch Lady Action Figure

Lunch Lady Action Figure

A lot of us look up to our favorite caped superheroes, but inadvertently we often forget about our humble hometown heroes like the school lunch lady. Adam Sandler first took the initiative to dedicate a song to the one who ensured that there was always ample meatloaf and navy beans for every child. But that’s not it, folks. Now our hero in a hairnet can be procured in the form of the Lunch Lady Action Figure.

It looks like mashed potatoes, gravy, perhaps Salisbury steak, and maybe peas are on the menu today. The lunch lady comes with her own counter that she proudly stands behind. You also get a serving tray to slide down the rails, and with the included stickers of assorted lunches you can imagine walking away with a hot plate of gooey goodness.

Accoutrements Lunch Lady Action Figure

This Lunch Lady Action Figure will take you back to those glorious “hot lunch” days of sloppy joes, fish sticks and mini milk cartons. Each 5-1/4″ tall, hard vinyl figure comes with a scoop, a food tray, a serving station and a sticker sheet featuring images of delicious hot entrées.

Thank you, Lunch Lady for always wearing your hairnet so that no kid would get sick from hair-in-food poisoning. Also, your powder-blue eyeshadow and cat-eye specs were inspirational. We are forever in gratitude that you never gave up on us; even when you had to deal with a garbage can full of lima beans. And thanks for the snickerdoodle cookies. Those really made our day.

You can find the Lunch Lady Action Figure at Baron Bob for $10.99, and she is available at Amazon as well.

When the lunch lady calls in sick, you can also depend on another heroine for backup: the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure.

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