Fortune Cupcakes Kit

Fortune Cupcakes Kit

Regardless if you like the taste of fortune cookies or not, we can all appreciate the thrill of cracking them open and reading our good, bad, or ridiculously confusing fortunes. Fortune cookies can be quite tasty, but if you’re more of a cupcake person you might want to press your luck with the Fortune Cupcakes Kit.

The kit comes in a thematic Chinese take-out box that includes vibrant cupcake liners in dark green and orange. The prophetic baker gets to wrap each cupcake with a bright-red, floral wrapper that bears a different fortune on the inside. In case you don’t use box cake mixes and canned frosting, there’s a nice book with recipes and ideas tucked into the take-out box. The best part is getting to choose the cupcake flavor, whereas fortune cookies always taste the same.

Fortune Cupcakes

Fortune cookies are certainly fun, but we think fortune cupcakes are better. This DIY fortune cupcake kit comes with 75 die-cut cupcake liners, 30 cupcake wrappers with fortunes printed on each one, and a 16-page recipe book with a cupcake decorating template. Cook book includes 4 cupcake recipes, 4 frosting recipes, and Zodiac-themed decorating ideas. Box measures 5″x4.5″

Get the Fortune Cupcakes Kit at Fred Flare for $15.95 or at Amazon starting at $8.51.

If you really dig the taste of fortune cookies but like pulling pranks, then you might want to invest in Evil Fortune Cookies and slip your friends one every so often. However if you could really do without cookies or cupcakes, skip the mess and just read this book called A Year Fortunes Without the Cookies.

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