WowWee Robot Lion Available for Pre-order

WowWee Alive Robot Lion

This cuddly lion from the WowWee “Alive” line of robot animals, displayed at CES 2008, is no available for pre-order (due to be released August 21).

Realistically textured and patterned fur combined with an animated face and advanced touch and tilt sensors deliver a highly authentic lion cub robot that is extremely sensitive to your interaction.

Pick up your lion cub by the scruff of the neck, for example, and watch your WowWee robot go limp in your hand, just like a real lion cub when its pick up by its mother. Left alone your pet lion automatically shuts off and goes to sleep.

Here’s a video clip of the WowWee Alive Lion in action:

WowWee Robot Lion

  • Realistic patterned, textured fur
  • Animated mouth and blinking eyes
  • Touch and tilt sensors
  • Advanced interaction
  • Life-like sound response include purr, mew and yowl
  • Automatic sleep mode
  • 1 motor
  • 1 speaker
  • 1 tilt sensor
  • 2 touch sensors
  • Micro-Controller with recorded LION CUB sounds

You can pre-order the WowWee Alive Lion from the Gizoo website for £49.95 (about $98 USD).

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