Uh-Oh Emergency Underpants

Uh-Oh Emergency Underpants

Do you have a bladder or poop-control problem? It happens more often than you think. In fact, I know a lot of people who have trouble well, holding it all in. Imagine how embarrassing it can be to be at a meeting or dinner party and just having to run out of the room with nary an explanation. Luckily, to clean up those accidents, you’ve got the Uh-Oh Emergency Underpants to lean on.

Kidding aside, these handy disposable underpants fit most adults and are more useful than usual novelty items, although they are packaged to look like a complete gag. The emergency underpants come in a tiny and adorably decorated tin for easy handling and portability.

Uh-Oh Emergency Underpants
“Better safe than sorry” is what I always say. Carry these emergency underpants just in case an unwanted emergency comes up. Remember, no one wants to be walking in soiled pants. Just imagine all the embarrassment. Emergency underpants are packaged in a small container so no one will know that you are carrying them.

  • Contains one pair.
  • Fits most adults.
  • Packaged in small tin container.
  • Safe, Sanitary, Secure.

The Uh-Oh Emergency Underpants are available from Amazon for $6.90 a pair. Newegg.com has them for $2.81 and BaronBob.com has them for $4.50.

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