Underpants Candy

Underpants Candy

The Underpants Candy is Archie McPhee’s latest combination of gross and delicious, an art that they’re famous for perfecting.  These edible tighty-whities are Tutti-Frutti flavored, so your mouth won’t be plagued with the signature taste of dirty linen.  

Underpants Candy
The next time someone tells you, “Eat my shorts,” you tell them no problem and pull out your Underpants Candy. Every tin is filled to the brim with 1.1 oz of tiny, tutti frutti flavor tighty whities that are as delicious as they are disturbing. It’s like eating out of the world’s most delicious hamper!

You can pick up the Underpants Candy from Archie McPhee for $4.95 if you want – they’re awesome pieces of geek food, but you’ll probably be judged hardcore by society.  (Don’t let that stop you, though, my friends.)  If you love this geeky product, then you’ll want to jump on over to the Bacon Candy Necklace and the Giant Box of Nerds Candy once you’re done here.

Jack Kieffer owns Cool Gizmo Toys, a site that loves all things geeky.

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  1. You should make these in different colors and flavors, like pink undies, purple undies, red undies, blue undies, etc!

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