Candy Cane Flavored Pop Rocks

Candy Cane Pop Rocks

Peppermint candy canes – as good as they are, they lose their flair pretty quickly. But what about Candy Cane-Flavored Pop Rocks?

Santa will score major points when he puts Candy Cane Pop Rocks in kids’ stockings. Besides tasting minty fresh, Pop Rocks make fun crackly noises on the tongue, which is extremely entertaining and obnoxious.

Candy Cane Flavored Pop Rocks

Are they science or are they magic? Either way, Pop Rocks are a perennial favorite year-round, and now the nostalgic candy gets a wintertime makeover. Candy Cane Pop Rocks feature the peppermint flavor of candy canes with the pop and fizz excitement they’re known for. One packet is 0.33 oz and measures 3″ x 4.5″

When I was a kid, there was an urban legend that eating Pop Rocks and drinking soda at once was deadly. Till this day, I’m still scared to mix the two. However, the show “Mythbusters” did the favor of running an experiment to test the notion by using a pig’s stomach, and ultimately the myth was busted. They did see the stomach swell but it didn’t explode after being filled with pop rocks and several cans of soda. If Pop Rocks are still out on the market and come in new flavors like Candy Cane, it’s safe to assume that the candy has stood the test of time and hasn’t killed any morons.

You can load up on Candy Cane Flavored Pop Rocks for the holidays at FredFlare, NeatoShop and PartyCity for $.95 – $3.

There are other new twists on the traditional candy cane as well, like Pickle Candy Canes, Bacon Candy Canes, and Jelly Belly Candy Canes.

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