World’s Largest Underpants

World's Largest Underpants

I don’t know who it was that invented underpants, but I’m sure glad he or she or they did. I mean, there’s underpants for your head that comes in the form of the Undercap, underpants for your hands in the form of the Handerpants, and Instant Underpants emergency underpants that you can use after soaking it in water. And then there are the underpants that five people can collectively wear: the World’s Largest Underpants.

Obviously, this is more of a novelty than something that can actually be used as underwear (unless you’ve got a 100-inch waist). Strapped for ideas on what to dress up as this Halloween? No worries, because you can just give your posse a ring and tell them you guys can go together as the Under-takers. Get it?

World’s Largest Underpants

  • Sometimes bigger IS better!
  • What a novel(ty) idea!
  • Makes a great, wacky gift!

These 100% cotton, 100-inches waist underpants stretch the definition of briefs. Each high-quality undergarment has a convenient double flap in the front and a sturdy elastic band to fit around the waist for maximum comfort. They come in the traditional white only and will shrink a bit after washing. Clear acetate box with illustrated insert.

The World’s Largest Underpants is available from Entertainment Earth for $24.99.

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