High Definition Time Lapse Camera

High Definition Time Lapse Camera

Have you ever watched a show on Discovery Channel or on National Geographic and wondered how they managed to take photos and videos of a certain area for weeks or even months on end? If you’ve ever wanted to take some yourself, then you might want to get yourself one of these High Definition Time Lapse Cameras.

Aside from nature scenes, you could also use the camera to document small changes in your life or in a loved ones life. You might chanced upon a video on YouTube showing a compilation of photos that show a gradual change, like a woman during her pregnancy. Well, with this, you’ll be able to make similar videos with high-quality images in HD.

High Definition Time Lapse Personal Camera

Armed with the High Definition Time Lapse Camera you can now take stunning HD shots of the natural world over seconds, minutes, hours or even days – and then piece them together as a video.

The camera comes with a 2GB flash drive but is capable of utilizing up to 8GB of external memory – all you need to do is set it up and walk away. The waterproof casing means this rugged little camera is perfectly suited to life in the great outdoors and it’ll blend so discreetly into the background that wildlife will walk right past, completely oblivious.

Ideal for making your own nature films, it’s also great for capturing family events. Track your summer in the garden, building the shed, redecorating a room, or just a year in the life of your kitch

High Definition Time Lapse Camera

  • 1280 x 1024 HD recording, Capture up to 18,000 shots
  • 6 predetermined time settings, 1 custom
  • Dual lens for macro and standard shots
  • 2GB USB Flash Drive included can support to 8GB
  • 130k/pcs; storage 7692 sheet for 2GB
  • Water resistant
  • Flexible mounting stake included, Focal Length: 19″ to infinity
  • Includes installation CD

The High Definition Time Lapse Camera is available from Firebox for $208.  For another cool way to catch all the action, checkout the Drift HD Action Camera.

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