Kill Bill The Bride Bishoujo Statue

October 16, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

Beatrix Kiddo is awake after a four-year coma and ready to take on the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad as the Kill Bill The Bride Bishoujo Statue. Heads up, Tarantino fans because Beatrix Kiddo AKA Black Mamba AKA The Bride is ready to go home with […]


Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Bishoujo Statue

April 2, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

The newest Ms. Marvel gets beautiful with the Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Bishoujo Statue. Bishoujo means beautiful girl and Kotobukiya totally owns the genre with their line of Bishoujo statues that include Squirrel Girl, a female Freddy Kruger, Spider-Gwen, She-Hulk, and Mystique. Fans of past […]


Child’s Play Bride of Chucky Tiffany Bishoujo Statue

January 5, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

Til death do you part goes out the window when Horror meets Bishoujo with the Child’s Play Bride of Chucky Tiffany Bishoujo Statue. Standing approximately 7 3/4-inches tall, Jennifer Tilly’s Tiffany gets the Bishoujo ‘pretty girl’ treatment and with her iconic bleach blonde hair, black […]


Marvel Squirrel Girl Bishoujo Statue

December 7, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

It’s time to go nuts with the Marvel Squirrel Girl Bishoujo Statue, featuring the character who might possibly be the most powerful Marvel Comics hero ever. Her number one ability is the power to talk to squirrels, but Doreen Green AKA Squirrel Girl has faced […]


Child’s Play Chucky Bishoujo Statue

October 31, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

Horror never looked as cute as it does with the Child’s Play Chucky Bishoujo Statue, adding a whole new dimension to Chucky asking if you wanna play. Inspired by master illustrator Shunya Yamashita and everyone’s favorite killer doll from Child’s Play, this approximately 8-inch-tall statue […]

Marvel Lady Loki Bishoujo Statue

Marvel Lady Loki Bishoujo Statue

August 17, 2016 Conner Flynn 0

This Marvel Lady Loki Bishoujo Statue depicts the Goddess of Chaos, as interpreted by Shunya Yamashita. It is a bishoujo-style statue that measures about 10-inches tall. It is the God, I mean the Goddess of Chaos, as you’ve never seen her before! She is going […]

Marvel Female Thor Bishoujo Statue

Marvel Female Thor Bishoujo Statue

August 8, 2016 Conner Flynn 0

The Marvel Female Thor Bishoujo Statue is all kinds of awesome. Thor holds the Mjolnir over her head, ready for battle! This is the God of Thunder as you’ve never seen her before. This amazingly detailed statue is based on a character interpretation and illustration […]


DC Comics Wonder Girl Bishoujo Statue

July 1, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

Cassie Sandsmark is looking absolutely wonderful as the DC Comics Wonder Girl Bishoujo Statue. Poor Cassie is one of those characters who had her origin rebooted when the New 52 happened, going from girl granted powers by Zeus to being Zeus’ granddaughter who hates being […]


Edward Scissorhands Bishoujo Statue

May 19, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

One of Tim Burton’s most iconic characters gets a new look with the Edward Scissorhands Bishoujo Statue. Bishoujo is a Japanese term that means beautiful girl so you probably wouldn’t think about Edward Scissorhands as a candidate for the treatment that has brought new looks […]


Spider-Gwen Bishoujo Statue

February 12, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

With the proportionate strength of a spider and the cuteness of a bedbug, the Spider-Gwen Bishoujo Statue is ready to swing into your heart. Standing almost 9-inches tall and based on the popular character that was introduced in the Spider-Verse storyline, Spider-Woman (known to her […]


DC Comics Raven Bishoujo 1:7 Scale Statue

June 23, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

The mysterious and magical Raven gets the popular ‘Pretty Girl’ treatment with the DC Comics Raven Bishoujo 1:7 Scale Statue. One of the most powerful mystical characters in the DC Universe is featured on this 9 1/2-inch-tall statue, floating above the ground as she prepares […]


DC Bishoujo Black Canary Statue

May 22, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

The DC Bishoujo Black Canary Statue strikes a victory pose after taking out a few bad guys with her Canary Cry. You wouldn’t think someone wearing a skimpy bodysuit, high-heel boots, and fishnet stockings would be able to strike fear in bad guys, but criminals […]


Marvel Wasp Bishoujo Statue

March 13, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

Capture a tiny Janet van Dyne with the Marvel Wasp Bishoujo Statue, although the statue isn’t nearly as tiny as the real Wasp can shrink. In the comics, the Wasp can shrink down to a height of less than four inches but this “pretty girl” […]


DC Comics Zatanna Bishoujo Statue

January 20, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

The DC Comics Zatanna Bishoujo Statue gives us a look at the spell-weaving heroine of the DC Universe, with a sexy Bishoujo twist added. You might have seen the pin-up style DC Comics Bombshells Zatanna Statue but this one sticks with the present-day outfit worn […]


She-Hulk Bishoujo Statue

November 22, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

Jennifer Walters’ emerald alter-ego is looking pretty sexy as the She-Hulk Bishoujo Statue. Based on an illustration by Shunya Yamashita and standing 9-inches tall, She-Hulk is featured in her purple and white body suit, tennis shoes, and purple gloves. With her long hair flowing down […]


X-Men Mystique Bishoujo Statue

November 9, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

Sometimes friend, sometimes foe, always the perfect combination of sexy and deadly. The X-Men Mystique Bishoujo Statue gives us a look at the comic book version of Mystique with the traditional Japanese Bishoujo ‘pretty girl’ treatment. The 5.5-inch-tall statue features Raven Darkholme AKA Mystique in […]


Kotobukiya Batwoman Bishoujo Statue

October 1, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

She’s a long way from being ugly but the Kotobukiya Batwoman Bishoujo Statue ups the cuteness factor of Kate Kane as she gets the Bishoujo (pretty girl) treatment. Standing approximately 10-inches tall, this statue features the latest incarnation of Batwoman, based on original character art […]


X-Men Jubilee Bishoujo Statue

July 23, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

She doesn’t get much love in the movies but the X-Men Jubilee Bishoujo Statue puts the spotlight on one of the brightest mutants to ever be listed on the X-Men roster. Jubilation ‘Jubilee’ Lee didn’t seem like much when she first appeared in the pages […]

Freddy vs Jason Jason Voorhees Statue

Jason Voorhees Bishoujo Statue

June 27, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

To run or not to run? That’s the question you’ll ask when the killer looks like the Jason Voorhees Bishoujo Statue, although the bloody machete indicates that running is probably still the right choice. Following in the bloody footsteps of the Freddy Krueger Bishoujo Statue, […]