Pirate Sword Letter Opener with Stand

Pirate Sword Letter Opener with Stand

Unless you’re Captain Hook, you and all the other mateys on board might occasionally run into trouble opening envelopes filled with death threats or missing map pieces. Don’t be a scallywag, giving yourself surprise paper cuts and then get tossed overboard to the sharks when you fail to open the mail. Arggghhh! What you need is the Sword Letter Opener with Stand.

Every pirate needs a weapon to fight paper cuts; not a tool. At 9 1/2 inches, this sword won’t back down to bills, parking tickets, lawsuits, and trespassers. The curved, black stand displays the sharp sword in its best light and makes a bold statement on your desk.

Pirate Letter Opener

  • How does a pirate open his mail? With a pirate letter opener of course.
  • Make your bills “walk the plank”
  • Next, eat a lime to prevent scurvy – then open more mail.
  • 9 1/2″ in overall length
  • Stand included

Find it at Heavenly Swords for $17.99.

Ok, so pirates weren’t the first to come up with sword letter openers. Here are three other swords that know a thing or two about ripping envelopes open: the Harry Potter Gryffindor Sword Letter Opener, Conan the Barbarian Sword Letter Opener and the Batman Begins Sword Letter Opener.

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  1. i am intrested in purchasing one of your pirate sword .. stands.. to see if it will work out for my custom made opener. i believe you are in the us as that is why i am contacting you. i will look forward to your response.

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