The Pirate Ship Playhouse

The Pirate Ship Playhouse

I think at one point or another in our lives, we all wanted to be pirates sailing the open seas, looking for bounty, and taking whatever we wanted.  Sadly, most of us had to give up those dreams (I think Jack Sparrow is still out there somewhere) and get real everyday boring jobs.  Well with The Pirate Ship Playhouse, you and your kids can live out all your pirate fantasies together; and what better time to do it, than on International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

This 23 foot long wooden ship makes for the perfect backyard playhouse.  Enjoy hours of fun climbing up the nets, opening the trap door, sliding on corkscrew tunnel slide and climbing the fireman’s pole.  This abandoned looking pirate ship has everything you need to make your kids fantasies as close to reality as you can without the sea sickness.

The Pirate Ship Playhouse

With a hearty cedar and redwood exterior, it is festooned with classic pirate-age decorations that compel exploration: a cutlass-bearing skeleton lashed to the bowsprit, a boarded-over cannonball hole, crossed bones that form a window pane, and a crow’s nest with Calico Jack Rackam’s Jolly Roger flag. The playhouse rests on a real hollowed-out 5′ diameter tree trunk equipped with a ladder; ascending the ladder inside the trunk and opening the trap door allows entry into the ship. Other points of entry include a climbing net and a staircase. Once aboard, the ship’s bow, ship’s castle, and the balcony all serve as play areas. All interior areas are framed in Douglas fir. A corkscrew tunnel slide extends from the balcony affixed to the stern and a fireman’s pole extends from the bow, facilitating easy ship abandonment. 26′ L x 11′ W x 23′ H. (12,000 lbs.)

You can purchase your own Pirate Ship Playhouse at Hammacher Schlemmer for $27,000.  Sounds expensive, but when was the last time you saw a vintage pirate ship for sale.  Don’t forget about these other cool pirate items on this September 19th Talk Like a Pirate Holiday: Pirate Toast Stamper, Skull and Bone Bandages and Mimobot Pirate Flash Drives.

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