Micro G-Bike Toddler Balance Bike

G Bike Toddler Balance Bike

Remember what a sensation Micro Scooters were when they first came out? Now the company has gotten even more creative and has come up with the Micro G-Bike Toddler Balance Bike.

So if you want your kid to be the next Lance Armstrong, let him get used to balancing himself on two wheels starting as young as age two. Besides, it seems like training wheels and their awkwardness cause more accidents than anything. You’re better off training kids on two wheels from the get-go.

The G-Bike frame is made of sturdy aluminum, and its center of gravity is lower than a regular bike so that children can master control and balance more effectively. Much like the Flintstones’ technique, a child can use his feet to brake. But there’s also a hand brake for backup.

The G-Bike will come in handy for short trips to the park or for when you want to go for a quick ice cream run. It’s ideal for times when you don’t feel like pushing a stroller. And junior would get more exercise on the G-Bike and would gain more independence, compared to simply shooting the breeze and snacking on Cheerios in the stroller.

The Micro G-Bike Toddler Balance Bike is available at Curiosite for 139,90€ or £118.92. You can also find a very similar one on Amazon for $139.99.

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