Strida LT Folding Bike

Strida LT Folding Bike

Using a bicycle to commute is certainly eco-friendly, but what if you don’t have a good place to keep the bike? The solution is the Strida LT Folding Bike, which you can fold up in 5 seconds flat for easy carrying and storage. Now you don’t have worry about your bike getting stolen or exposed to the elements (you don’t even need to fuss with bike locks), as you can easily bring the Strida LT into your home or office.

Besides for the folding joints, the Strida LT foldable bicycle has a couple more innovations that make it a great product. Most interesting is the greaseless Kevlar belt drive system, so you don’t have to worry about messing up your pant leg on the way to work. This is especially important in a folding bike, since there is even more chances of being exposed to the oily chain when you are carrying it. This Kevlar belt also provides for silent operation and will last for up to 50,000 miles.

Other cool features include the rear luggage rack (so you can actually bring stuff with you if you use this to commute), lightweight aluminum construction, a durable rustproof powder-coated finish, and disc brakes.

Strida LT Foldable Bicycle

The 22-pound Strida LT bike streamlines commutes as an eye-catching mode of transportation that folds up in 10 seconds so it can be carried on a subway, bus, or taxi. A revolutionary triangular frame positions riders directly behind the horizontal handlebars for added visibility and an unobstructed view of competitive roadrunners. A Kevlar belt withstands the wear-and-tear of regular pedaling and its grease-free design runs smoothly through gear teeth while keeping trousers free from stains. The single speed bike also contains a rear luggage rack that doubles as a stand when stowed in closets.

Strida LT Folding Bike

Strida LT Foldable Bike

  • Lightweight, single speed bike folds in 10 seconds for convenient commutes & swift escapes from blind dates
  • Grease-free Kevlar belt keeps messes and maintenance to a minimum
  • Revolutionary triangular frame crafted from lightweight, rust-proof aluminum
  • Horizontal handlebars for upright ride and added visibility
  • Features combination luggage rack and stand
  • Weight limit of 220 pounds; height range of 5’4″ to 6’4″

Order the Strida LT Bike for $650 from in your choice of black, red, or neon green. (Check out all the 5 star reviews!) Take advantage of the Groupon Deal for a limited time only, and buy this bicycle for only $399.

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