Kevlar Survival Cord

Kevlar Survival Cord

Sometimes, all you need to survive is a piece of cord. The Kevlar Survival Cord, that is. It’s handy, portable, and won’t take up too much space in your bag or wallet, so there’s no reason to leave it at home when you’re out on a camping trip or on some other outdoor activity.

The cord makes a great addition to any survival kit that you may have already put together. The 25-foot long cord is as thin as regular thread, but it’s way stronger since it’s fashioned from Kevlar. Put to the test, the survival cord has a breaking strength of 200 pounds, so you can actually use it for household, cubicle, and outdoor purposes.

Kevlar Emergency Survival Cord

Kevlar Survival Cord

  • Twenty five feet of 200 lb test survival cord (for you, not them)
  • Blue Polyurethane coating: UV resistance and help against abrasion
  • Loads of uses in household, cubicle wars, or the great outdoors

Aside from that, the cord is coated with a blue poyurethane coating, which makes it UV resistant and helps protect against abrasion. The Kevlar Survival Cord is available from ThinkGeek for $6.99. You can also buy these Kevlar cords in a variety of colors and lengths up to 1000 feet at

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