Micro Scooter Luggage

Micro Scooter Luggage

You know how you’re at the airport, and you’re running around and acting like a huge mess because you’re about to miss your flight? I once heard a story about a man who ran through the gates and made his flight–only to realize that he left his luggage near the men’s room! Pretty crazy, right?

To help avoid all that trouble (and make sure you keeps about), there’s the Micro Scooter Luggage. It’s basically a luggage case and a scooter in one, so you can make sure that you don’t get left behind and you’re taking your luggage with you.

It can help you make up for a lot of lost time by just scooting along in the airport. The Micro Scooter Luggage is available from Amazon for $299.99.

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  1. Wrong audience. They are missing the huge audience of young kids…think trunki luggage…many parents who have to endure anxious kids in the airports would love to have something for the the kids to preoccupy themselves with. Sure, not everyone would like this…and I am sure it may lead to inventions like these to get banned, but hay, grandma has a scooter and a chair, why can’t the young punk have one too? Besides, the handle is too low for adults.

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