Medieval Weapons Pushpins Set

Medieval Weapons Pushpins

Geeks are not physically violent by nature, but put them in fictitious arenas of warfare like chess, Halo or role-playing games and they become downright medieval and scary. Made to delight geeks and weapon lovers alike, the Medieval Weapons Pushpins Set is a silent but deadly way to post serious notes and action items on bulletin boards, cubicles or walls.

Medieval Weapons Pushpin

Medieval Weapons Pushpins will turn the wimpiest, most passive aggressive notes into veritable royal decrees. Tired of roommates not doing the dishes? Leave a note punctuated with a broadsword pushpin and we’re sure you’ll have spic ‘n span cookware in no time.

Medieval Weapons Pushpins Set

This set of ten highly-detailed pushpins features 2 black samurai swords, 2 battle axes, 2 silver Roman swords, 2 daggers and 2 sabre swords.

Features and Specifications:

  • Includes 10 pushpins (two each of five different weapons)
  • Not a toy (adults only)
  • Dimensions (per pushpin, approximately): 1.5″ x 0.5″ x 0.5″

Why settle for lame-o thumbtacks when you can have no-nonsense weapon pushpins to maintain order in the kingdom? The Medieval Weapons Pushpins Set is available at for $9.95. They also have them for $9.99 over at

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