Gummy Army Men

Gummy Army Men

Recently we posted about Super Mario Gummy Candy, and now we present Gummi Army Guys. These gummy candies look just like the green plastic army men soldiers kids used to play with a generation or two ago. In fact, they still keep the look of those retro plastic toys so much that they are still carrying WWII era weaponry like bazookas and old rifles.

At GeekAlerts, we like to play with our food, so their classic army men shaped candy is perfect. We can play soldiers and instead of having to clean up when we’re done playing, we just eat them.

Gummy Army Men Soldiers

These gummies are fruit flavored. It’s pretty hard to make a gummi that doesn’t taste good, and they assure us these are yummy.

We have personally performed a taste test here at Baron Bob and let us say, these really do taste amazing! Order yours before we eat them all!

Gummi Army Guys

Gummi Army Guys

  • 4.5 ounce bag
  • Shaped like American soldiers
  • Approximately 12 gummies per pack

Buy these Gummy Army Guys for $2.95. (Update: Link removed because that website is gone. We cannot find this exact product elsewhere, but BulkCandyStore has these same Albanese Gummi Army Guys in a larger package. It’s a much better value too, since it is just $3.69 for a 1 pound bag.)

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