Pinhead Pushpins

Pinhead Pushpins

Does anyone know where the insult ‘pinhead’ came from exactly? I think the word existed before the guy from Hellraiser hit the big screen. Perhaps these Pinhead Pushpins capture who the true pinheads really are: mindless dudes in blue suits squandering loads of other people’s cash on Wall St.?

Office Pinhead PushpinsPinhead Pushpins

  • Set of 10 push pins: five of each style.
  • Dimensions: 1.25″Wx.25″Dx2.25″H each
  • Stick it to the suits.
  • Corporate clones lose their mind in buttoned-up blue business wear.
  • Two styles tack tasks no-head first.

In the set of ten pinheads, you get five headless pins dressed in light blue suits and five pinheads dressed in dark blue suits, posing as if they wanna be starting something. Who’s going to get pricked first?

For work purposes, the different pins can act as an organizing system for your bulletin board. For example, the light-suited pinheads can be used to pin up items you’ve dealt with already and the dark blue pinheads can signify outstanding action items.

With legs and feet projecting out of the bulletin board, these pinheads won’t get lost like tiny thumbtacks. And if you pin the guys just right, they can even serve as hooks for light items, such as a few keys, a light keychain, your ID card key attached to a necklace, and random swag you get from the marketing team.

The set of Pinhead Pushpins can be purchased at from $10.75.

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