Slush Mug

Slush Mugs

Do you love icy cold Slushees, Slurpies or Icees on a hot summer’s day but can’t quite muster up the strength to go get one at the gas station? Do yourself a favor by buying a 12 oz. Slush Mug and have Slushees on a daily basis—all without ice or a blender.

Backed by a lifetime guarantee, the Slush Mug makes slush drinks of the perfect consistency, not all watery or overly icy. Once you stick the patented Glaciercore in your ultra cold freezer for about six hours, you’re ready to rock out your favorite concoction in only six minutes time. Slip the Glaciercore into the Slush Mug, which then keeps the drink at just above freezing, pour in your beverage, and watch slush appear before your very eyes.

Slush Mug Makes Slurpees

The Slush Mug works with any drink not made of fake sugar, so that leaves you with an endless array of options. You can do it the old-school way and make Cherry Coke or Blue Raspberry slushes, or you can get exotic and try something nutritious like an Ovaltine coconut juice slush.

Slushee Mug

Another big bonus about the Slush Mug is that you won’t be polluting the environment so much, because you’ll no longer be taking slush home in disposable cups with those domed plastic lids. Instead you will be reusing your insulated Slush Mug, therefore eliminating the need to run to the store and feed your Slushee cravings. Less hassle, less gas, less money, less waste, but mucho satisfaction.

Features and specs:

  • Makes a Slushee in minutes
  • Works on any naturally sweetened beverage
  • Does not require ice or a blender
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufacturer lifetime guarantee
  • 12 ounce capacity

The Slush Mug is reasonably priced at $9.95 at and comes in purple, blue and red. Speaking of ice-cold drinks, check out some highlights on the Retro Slushie Maker, USB Can-Shaped Cooler and Warmer, and the Eco Can.

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