Premium Margaritaville Blender Trio

Premium Margaritaville Trio Frozen Concoction MakerWoooweee! It’s another scorcher out there. Even Canada is feeling the heat wave. One way to beat the heat now and for years to come is to invest in a Premium Margaritaville Blender Trio. You’ll be able to quickly and easily make top quality frozen drinks (with or without alcohol) with perfectly shaved ice.

Premium Margaritaville Trio Frozen Drinks Maker

No matter the size of your party’s guest list, this impressive machine delivers pitcher upon pitcher of restaurant-quality frozen drinks thanks to three independent blending stations, six automated drink settings and three jars that hold a combined 72 ounces.

Premium Margaritaville Trio Frozen Concoction Maker

  • Automatic settings for margaritas, daiquiris, piña coladas, mudslides, mojitos and smoothies.
  • Features two powerful mechanisms: one for shaving (not chopping) the ice, the other for quickly blending ingredients and ice in exactly the right proportions.
  • Rotating ice chute automatically swings from one pitcher to the next.
  • Easy-to-operate automatic controls let you select the beverage’s strength and thickness.
  • A manual option lets you manage the consistency even more precisely.
  • Durable plastic pitchers; Each pitcher holds 24-fl. oz.

Premium Margaritaville Trio Frozen Mixed Drinks Maker

Say you’ve got to make lots of frozen drinks for people, and pronto. The Margaritaville Blender Trio is there to help you crank out drinks at high throughput. And not just any wannabe drinks from a blender; restaurant-quality drinks.

The glitch with making frozen drinks in run-of-the-mill blenders is that ice chunks seldom get perfectly blended to a fine, slushy consistency. The Margaritaville Trio’s secret is that the top part of the machine shaves the ice, so there’s little chance that you’ll find a big, crunchy ice chunk in your drink. Oww, my tooth!

Another thing about this spectacular blender is that you can make several batches of drinks without having to rinse the blender jars to make 3 different concoctions. If there are a bunch of kids, pregnant ladies, or recovering alcoholics who want to have some sweet virgin cocktails, then it won’t hurt to designate one pitcher as the non-booze one – because you have 2 more 24 oz. pitchers for the boozy drinks! Everyone’s happy.

If it’s just margaritas that you think this thing can make, think again. It’s really up to the bartender to make drinks no one has drunk before. Basically, just pour in your favorite drink(s) flavors, add ice, and let it go.

Although it may look like a behemoth of a blender and not something you want out on your kitchen counter-top all the time, this machine does have a nice modern sheen with its predominantly silver look. It would complement the stainless steel kitchen appliances that everyone seems to have. Plus, that automated robotic ice chute is impressive. For those of you who have an outdoor kitchen, this bad boy would  be an ethereal permanent fixture at the bar.

To buy a Premium Margaritaville Blender Trio for $499.95, go to Williams-Sonoma. If you’re more into retro styling, you might like the Retro Slushie Maker better. If you only need to serve kids, the Dual Snow Cone Machine is much cheaper.  Or if you’ve done away with buying any small electrical appliances altogether, perhaps the Slush Mug is all you need/want.

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