Insecta Micro R/C Helicopter

Insecta Micro R/C Helicopter

Yes, it’s another one of those cool palm-sized radio controlled flying toys – and once again with a design inspired by the world of insects, as with the R/C bee.

With its big glowing eyes, bug-ish legs, LED strobe light, colourful camouflaged body and membranous X-rotors, the rechargeable Insecta looks as if it’s just flown out of a sci-fi movie or the twisted mind of a comic book creator. Indeed you might feel like wearing your pants outside your tights every time you take to the skies. Or not.

Perfect for indoor flights, this titchy, ready-to-fly gizmo is controlled via a twin channel, wide-beam infra-red transmitter that also serves as a charger for its lightweight lithium battery.

Insecta Micro R/C Helicopter

Constructed from robust polypropylene foam, Insecta is incredibly durable (handy for novices!) and it might even withstand a direct hit from a rolled-up newspaper. Not that you’ll need to worry about that because an ingenious auto-stability system makes evading attackers easy.

The Insecta Micro Helicopter is yours for £19.95 (about $39 USD).


  1. What a great way to chase the cat LOL!!!. I have had a blast with this thing and would recommend it to anyone …. heaps of fun .

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