Dynamite Alarm Clock

Dynamite Alarm Clock

If you enjoy being jolted awake to the sounds of ticking timebombs, the Dynamite Alarm Clock is exactly what you need to jumpstart the day. Before you know it, you’ll want to beat the clock before it blows up so that you can save yourself, your home and the neighbors for that matter. Your heart’s a pumping, adrenaline’s flowing, you’re hyperventilating… all this before you even take your first sip of joe.

Start your morning with a bang with this fun dynamite alarm clock. The cartoon-style timebomb does all the stuff you’d expect an alarm clock to do. It goes beep beep beep BOOM, and if that won’t get you out of bed, we don’t know what will. Measures 6.5″ x 3″ x 3″

The clock looks just like the ACME dynamite clusters Road Runner often uses to school Wild E. Coyote in the Looney Toons. Unfortunately, the red, yellow and blue wires on the clock aren’t real detonating cords, so don’t try to figure out which one to pull. It’s the green one, right? Nope, try the Snooze button. However, the alarm’s sound effects are capable of stressing you out with a series of accelerating beeps, an explosion noise, and another series of “uh-oh” beeps. You’ll also enjoy the blinking red and green lights that illuminate when the alarm goes off.

Why not make your mornings special by waking up to a Dynamite Alarm Clock? It’s $20 at Fred Flare.

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